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Since 2012, Dr. Joshua Wilson's purpose has been to empower families with optimal health, with an emphasis on pediatric and prenatal chiropractic. His welcoming office is child-friendly, and features gentle, effective techniques.

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Edmond Chiropractor for Family Wellness

Optimize Your Health at Optimal Family Chiropractic

Edmond Chiropractor Dr. Joshua Wilson provides the patients of Optimal Family Chiropractic with the best in modern wellness care, with particular consideration given to pediatric and prenatal chiropractic. We treat our practice members with empathy and compassion, from the tiniest newborns and children to their doting moms and dads.

Dr. Josh Wilson with kidsInvest in Family Well-Being

Health is priceless, and it all begins with raising a healthy child. We passionately believe that it’s of vital importance for children to get a good start in life by optimizing the function of their nervous systems.

Unfortunately, many adult health issues can be traced back to birth trauma, which begins the downward spiral of disconnection between the brain and the body. It’s our firm conviction that it’s far easier to raise a healthy child than it is to fix a broken adult, and it all begins with high quality chiropractic care for our kids.

We have the tools to maximize your health potential through the power of a skillful and specific adjustment. We partner with our patients in helping them to achieve their goals, whether it’s to help a child with ADD, eliminating colic in a newborn or relieving the back pain of a mom-to-be.

Our patients love the sense of close connection that they experience in our office. We treat everyone as a family member, whether it’s their first visit or their 20th. We’re also very mindful that busy families are often on tight schedules. We strive to be as efficient in our scheduling as possible, and are always respectful of your time.

Our passion is family. We’re driven by a purpose to make a difference in the life of at least one person every day, victories which we define as true success. Would you like to optimize your pregnancy? Do you have a child in distress? We can start helping today. Make a same-day appointment!

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