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Meet the Team at Optimal Family Chiropractic


Jenn – Chief First Experience Officer

Being introduced to the world of chiropractic has only expanded the passion I already had for living a healthy lifestyle. I’m a Type 1 Diabetic and chiropractic care has been an added positive to my journey. I love hearing our patients amazing testimonies & getting to hold the sweet babies! I love to be around people, call me the extrovert! Outside of the office you can find me spending quality time with family/friends, at the gym or working on something creative.


Tiffany – Chief Technology Officer

My love for chiropractic started years ago and continues to grow as time goes on. Watching others set goals and accomplish them always brings a smile to my face! I absolutely adore that transformation is a huge part of what happens in the chiro world! Outside of the office I love to focus on health, nerd out on podcasts/YouTube, make memories with my people and when possible, be outside in the beauty of nature around me.


Karisity – Chief Flow Officer

I grew up in western Oklahoma on several acres of land outside of town. One thing I’ll say is that I miss the peace and healing that all of that time in nature gave me! These days you’ll see me struggling to learn yoga, soaking up lots of YouTube videos & books, and lake/nature trips with my favorite people. My favorite discovery I have found on my holistic, health journey is Chiropractic Care. I truly have such a love and respect for the practice. It has played out such a ripple effect in my life and watching the transformation first hand is pretty rad! ”

Meet the Team at Optimal Family Chiropractic | (405) 242-4911