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The Fight or Flight Response

When we explain that physical, chemical and emotional stress is the underlying cause of subluxations, many wonder how emotions can cause spinal misalignments.

For example, for some of us, just the sight of a snake produces fear or aversion. But for others, the same snake is a beautiful reptile to be picked up and held—two very different emotional responses to the same thing!


The Fight or Flight Response

The relationship is complex, but simply put, when we become stressed, our body releases a “fight or flight” hormone called cortisol, influencing muscle tension throughout the body. When muscles supporting the spine tighten, they can misalign spinal bones, affecting the spinal cord and adjacent nerve roots exiting the spine. After all, bones do not move unless acted on by muscles, and muscles don’t contract unless commanded by the nervous system. Our emotional health affects our immune system, increasing our susceptibility to colds and infections during or following emotionally difficult times. While regular chiropractic care won’t eliminate stress, it will allow your body to better accommodate it.


– Wilson Chiropractic



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